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2D Digital and Traditional Art Portfolio

Location: San Francisco

Employment Type: Contract

What I Do

I am a 2D story artist and teacher, passionate about creating visually stunning and emotionally engaging art. My portfolio showcases my work in both traditional and digital mediums, including concept art, storyboarding, and character design. I use my skills as a storyteller to create compelling narratives that bring my art to life, sparking the imaginations of those who view it. I offer a range of services, including custom artwork commissions and art classes for aspiring artists of all levels. Whether you're a studio looking for a talented artist to bring your project to life, or an individual looking to develop your own artistic skills, I am here to help you achieve your creative goals.

Why Choose Me

With years of experience as both a professional artist and a teacher, I bring a unique perspective to my work. I am dedicated to helping my clients and students achieve their creative vision, and I approach each project with enthusiasm and attention to detail. My passion for storytelling infuses every piece of art I create, making my work stand out and connect with audiences on a deeper level. Whether you're looking to hire a talented artist or learn from one, I am here to help you achieve your dreams.

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